Whitemarsh Is.  Dusk    7 x 11    $375
The Chase                            SOLD

Perfect Day   12 x 16    SOLD
Line of Bull    9x14    SOLD
Flowering Marsh  - Award Winner   SOLD
SCORE !     10 X 14      SOLD

Forsyth Fountain, Savannah    18 x 28     SOLD
f l i p        SOLD
f l o p            SOLD
Keeping Koi        SOLD
Gone Fishin'   SOLD
*    Note:  All dimensions are IMAGE AREA and all prices reflect the artwork professionally framed .  Please contact me if you are interested and I will furnish photos of framed artwork.
Sabals    SOLD
Broad St, Charleston   14x18   $850
Family Outing            SOLD
Hunting Island     SOLD
Mr. Moses' Boat   SOLD
Low Tide Preening  16x20  SOLD
After the Rain - Award Winner HHAL   SOLD
Favorite Anchorage    SOLD
Early Morning Light     SOLD
Sailor's Delight    SOLD