Judy McElynn moved to Hilton Head, SC after a career in Apparel and Interior Design in NYC, Washington DC and Philadelphia.
   A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, she worked for two major corporations before eventually owning her own private label childrenswear firm.   Although there was little time to make art, immersion in the world of fashion helped to further develop Judy’s appreciation for color, contrast, composition and movement.  Additionally, she developed the visual skills to enhance her natural drafting abilities.
   Judy’s arrival in the Lowcountry caused a dramatic shift in her artistic pursuits.   Continuing  her training and working primarily in oil, she  has found her life’s work in ‘making art’.   

Judy Saylor McElynn

"The liberating aspect of the fine art process is the absence of function.  One has the freedom of endless possibilities, where there is no correct answer, only comparative choices each with their own merit.  I am thoroughly enjoying ‘making art’, and it gives me even greater pleasure when others enjoy my work as well !”

   The Maye River Gallery located at 37 Calhoun St in Old Town Bluffton, SC represents Judy's current work. If you're in the Beaufort area, please stop by and browse. 

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